The Farm

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.. (Aristotele)

In the beautiful setting of Castel d’Asso near Viterbo, there is a place where the love for nature and the respect and safeguard of its products come together. This creates an opportunity to immerse oneself in an uncontaminated landscape made up of fields, farmhouses, vineyards and olive trees. Here, the silence of the countryside is broken only by the sounds of nature and the agricultural labour of man.

Yesterday and today

Azienda Agricola Salcini has become known to the public for the intense rurality of its surroundings and for the elevated tasting experiences it offers. Here one can savour genuine honey or bite into a good slice of bread soaked in extravergin olive oil.

All this came to life thanks to the progenitor of the Salcini Family who, in the 1970s, started the company together with his brother Alberto. Thanks to a successful collaboration with labourers and farmers, the farm is fully engaged in the production of wine, milk, fruit and vegetable products.

Tradition and innovation

The company, which was passed into the hands of Salcini’s son Gianluca, today regained its production momentum also thanks to a strategic renewal effort. Many of the surrounding rural buildings have been converted, modernised and adapted to the regulations governing agricultural activity.

Many plots of land have been reclaimed to place olive groves and host beehives. In addition to the above, we have designed turistic and didactic itineraries for children with the aim to introduce people to the natural rhythms and magic of nature.

“Some of the most beautiful memories of my childhood are linked to my great love for the land and rural life. There was a lot of poetry about those Sundays in the country… playing in the barns and chasing the chickens, having lunch at big tables with simple, yet flavoursome meals cooked by the farmers.”

Gianluca Salcini

Let’s meet

Drop us a line or come visit our farm. We’ll be happy to walk you through our little corner of paradise.

Azienda Agricola Salcini

Via Procoio, 6
01100 Castel D’Asso, Viterbo, VT, Italy

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